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Keeping Up With the Milestones

Deana Buck, Act Early Ambassador for Virginia Through the CDC

Track your child's milestones beginning at age 2 months to 5 years. know when your child reaches their milestone in how they play, learn, speak, act and move. You are able to add a child, review milestone photos and videos if you are wondering what a certain milestone looks like, Know when to act early, tips and activities, set appointments, and reference your milestone summary all from your phone. Let Deana tell you more. 

Part C, Transitioning to Part B

Sarah Moore, Early Intervention Monitoring Consultant for the Infant & Toddler Connection of Virginia at DBHDS and  Dawn Hendricks, PH.D. Early Childhood Special Education Coordinator from VDOE

Part C (Early Intervention) transitioning to part B (Special Education) can be difficult for many families with a child who may have a developmental disability. Sarah Moore and Dawn Hendricks will explain what each part looks like and the transition of moving from part C to Part B. Do you know your rights? Do you ask yourself  "Why is my child not eligible for Part B services once they age out of Part C services?" This presentation will provide in depth information you may be looking for. 

What Everyone Should Know about Social Security Disability Insurance & SSI

David Melton, Public Affairs Specialist, Social Security Administration

The Social Security Administration runs the United States' largest entitlement programs: the Old Age, Survivors, and Disability Insurance program and the Supplemental Security Income (SSI) program.  David will explain the Social Security Disability Insurance and the Supplemental Security Income programs as they apply to people of all ages with disabilities.  You will learn the purpose of each program, how they are different, eligibility criteria, when to apply, and other nuggets about Social Security.  The information is current as of July 22,2021.  

Medicaid Waivers - The Tip of the Iceberg

Lucy Cantrell, The Arc of Virginia 

If you have a developmental disability or someone in your family does this is need to know information. Find out how Medicaid Waivers support children and adults with developmental disabilities.  This is an introduction to the different types of waivers in Virginia, their services, eligibility and how to apply.  

What To Do While You Wait

Lucy Cantrell, The Arc of Virginia

This is especially for people on the DD Waiver Wait List and their families who want to be informed and proactive. We will discuss your role in the waiver application process, what goes on behind the scenes, recent changes,  resources while you wait and how you can make change in Virginia.

What You Need to Know about the "SIS"
Maureen Kennedy, Virginia Dept. of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services


The Supports Intensity Scale® (SIS) is an assessment tool that identifies the practical supports required by individuals to live successfully in their communities.  The SIS measures the support needed for success in daily life activities and the support necessary for exceptional medical and exceptional behavioral concerns.  Maureen will explain SIS administration, who should participate, and how the SIS relates to the person-centered plan. She will also explain the difference between a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Review request and a SIS Reassessment Review request and share an overview of the past years' SIS Satisfaction Survey results.

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